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Tech'Care is an easy-to-use on-board mini lube laboratory designed to give rapid feedback on lubricants condition, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken to safeguard correct machinery operation. The Tech'Care equipment is designed to be robust in marine applications and to give reliable and repeatable results. Tech'Care on board analyses complete the Lubmarine Diagomar Plus service.

Tech'Care Kit

A complete test kit for determining 5 main characteristics: 

  • Water content
  • Sea water detection
  • Viscosity
  • Insolubles
  • BN

Water Content

Machinery malfunction can be avoided by rapid detection of water contamination.
This test determines the percentage of water in the oil, due to condensation, leaks, or inefficient operation of the separator.

Sea Water Detection

An additional test, "SEA WATER DETECTION", enables the nature of the water (sea water or fresh water) to be identified.


This determination is based on the comparative measurement of viscosities between new oil and the oil in service.
The result provides information on the level of fuel dilution, build-up of carbon contaminants and oxidation of the oil.

Insoluble Matter

This test indicates the content of combustion residues, which reveals the conditions of operation of the engine and the efficiency of separators and filters.
The observation of the spot on the dedicated test equipment gives information on the dispersant and detergent capacity of the oil.


BN (Base Number, formerly known as TBN) indicates the alkalinity reserve of the oil, which is the capacity of the oil to neutralize acids resulting from the combustion process. A lubricant should possess a sufficient alkalinity reserve to prevent any risk of corrosive wear. This test enables the BN to be determined by a pressure measurement technique.


Total Lubmarine

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